Corona – We focus on your safety!

Sauberkeit Ferienwohungen in Koblenz

Corona has held us captive for months now. All the more reason for us all to feel an ever-increasing desire to travel. Travelling within Germany is still the safest thing to do. Besides, Germany offers countless diverse landscapes and cultural sights. Especially the world heritage site with Koblenz and the surrounding area. But one wonders: can I book a trip without any problems at the moment?

We give you the security of booking risk-free.

If a trip is impossible or not permitted by the authorities because of Corona, we offer you a free rebooking for travel periods within one year of the original booking at the respective seasonal price. The deposit already paid will then be credited to your new booking, so that you will not suffer any loss. In cases where you do not wish to do this, we will gladly refund the full deposit amount.

But, we hope you will be able to start your journey.

On site, we naturally adhere to all given hygiene regulations. Our accommodation is cleaned according to the required higher cleaning standards at every change of guests. All our staff keep the minimum distance at all times, wear masks and place the highest value on your safety.

Our security measures during Corona:

  • We disinfect frequently touched surfaces – from the TV remote control to every door handle, stair railing and light switch.
  • All dishes, including unused dishes, are washed separately (dishwasher 60°C).
  • We use cleaning agents and disinfectants recommended by global health authorities.
  • We wear gloves and masks to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We clean each room using comprehensive cleaning checklists.
  • We provide disinfectants and cleaning supplies so guests can clean the accommodation during their stay if they wish.
  • We provide hand sanitizer
  • Bed linen provided by us is professionally washed and ironed in the laundry. Towels are washed at a minimum of 60°C with laundry disinfectant.
  • We have removed items, especially decorative material and pillows, that are difficult to disinfect from the accommodation.
    If you are staying with us for a longer period, we can certainly provide you with one or two items as usual, so that you feel at home during your long-term stay with us.

With us you can enjoy your stay relaxed and safe