About us

We rent out holiday flats and houses in Koblenz with many years of experience

Since we also often like to book holiday flats, we took a close look at our own requirements.
We tell ourselves that when we travel, we want to treat ourselves to something special, enjoy it and feel good.
For this reason, we try to equip all our flats as completely and perfectly as possible and to make them cosy. In doing so, we pay a lot of attention to high bed quality. This seems especially important to us for guests who stay with us for months.

Our aspiration

We also aim to offer our guests clean and well-maintained accommodation. Especially in times of Corona, we attach great importance to cleanliness or rather hygiene. Hygiene is very important to us. Our small, very trustworthy and reliable cleaning team helps us with this. Small repairs are taken care of immediately by our handyman. So if something should be defective, or if you have any other problems, please contact our staff on site directly, so that you can enjoy your stay with us without any worries.

We wish you a wonderful time with us in Koblenz!