HOLIDAY with the dog in Koblenz

Urlaub mit Hund Koblenz

Having grown up with pets ourselves, we have a very positive attitude towards dogs. Over many years, we have had mostly very positive experiences with guests who travelled with their dog. Therefore, dogs are always welcome here.

However, we also have a duty to our other guests who are not dog lovers or are even a little afraid of dogs.
It is therefore important to ensure that our guidelines for travellers with dogs are followed as closely as possible:

Especially with puppies, but also with old dogs, the following applies: the dog must be house-trained.

Please also ensure that no business is conducted within the outdoor facilities. In all our houses there are plenty of opportunities to walk your dog in the immediate vicinity.

As we do not provide dog baskets or blankets or food bowls in our holiday flats, we must ask our guests to bring these themselves.

Dogs are never allowed to lie in our beds or on our sofas. In the cases where this has happened, we have had to charge the dog owners significantly more for the final cleaning.

Please make sure that the dog does not bark. In most of our houses, there are neighbours or other guests who feel disturbed by dogs barking, and it is imperative to show consideration for them.
Dogs should therefore never be left alone in the flat.

Outside the flat, in the hallway or on the property, please leash your dog.

Please remember that there is no possibility to clean a dog properly in our holiday flats. Especially when dogs get wet because it rains or after a bath in the Rhine, some dog breeds, especially large, long-haired dogs, do develop quite strong odours, which are then immediately noticed by the next tenants.
In these cases, as well as for bookings over longer periods of time, it will be necessary to support the final cleaning with the use of an ozone device at a charge to eliminate odours, germs and bacteria.

The dog owner is liable for any damage caused by taking a pet with him.

Therefore, we ask you to provide us with proof of dog insurance.