Koblenz and surroundings by bike

In one sentence: bike paths along the Rhine, Moselle, Lahn and through the surrounding vineyards, numerous opportunities to stop for excellent wine and fine food, as well as great excursions in combination with train and ship! All this speaks for a cycling vacation with starting point Koblenz!

From our own experience and based on the enthusiastic feedback of our guests, we recommend excursion routes along the three major rivers in our area, e.g.:

Rhine: Koblenz to Bacharach (approx. 50 km)

Moselle: Koblenz to Cochem (approx. 50 km)

Lahn: Koblenz to Bad Ems (approx. 20 km)

As a rule, you can take the bikes with you on the usual means of transport (ship, train and sometimes on the bus). Please inform yourself independently about the respective valid conditions.

Take time for short breaks, whether to enjoy the view or to gather energy for the onward journey over a glass of wine and or a snack. One more tip: Keep the route profile in mind! From Cochem, for example, to Koblenz along the Moselle, they drive downhill for large parts of the route. Here it may be worthwhile to complete the outward journey by train – unless you classify yourself in the “ambitious” category.

It’s best to bring your own bikes – or rent them on site from a specialist in Koblenz. Unfortunately, we ourselves do not have the capacity to offer our own bike rental service in addition to our vacation apartments, which meets our quality standards. However, you are welcome to ask our staff on site about lockable parking facilities.

Upon request, we will send you an overview of recommended tours and other excursion tips in and around Koblenz. In any case, we wish you wonderful impressions in this unique area!